About Rita

Pittsburgh native Rita Venturino's love of all things Italian began early in her life.  Rita experienced her family's history through her mother's home-cooked Italian meals - from the time she was old enough to eat solid food. Her Italian heritage encompassed both Romano and Sicilian traditions. In addition, her many years of foodservice background with the H. J. Heinz Company helped enhance her love of cooking.

At a young age, Rita began to test her mother's recipes.  She remembers spending summers cooking and baking while others played outside.   That was Rita's first hint that cooking and baking wasn't just her pastime.  Making all her recipes from scratch, Rita believes that cooking and food is "the way we express ourselves as human beings."  Food simmers good conversation!



Rita's favorite Italian dinner is manicotti and braciole--adding focaccia bread, salad and red wine makes this meal complete.  Most dinners don't stop there - Rita loves to finish a meal on a high note with desserts of all kinds.

"It''s a way of expressing myself and bringing friends together.".    I hope my teaching brings the same reward to others that I find in cooking and baking."


"With a contented stomach, your heart is forgiving; with an

empty stomach, you forgive nothing."

....Sicilian Proverb





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